What is the E3-DCN Project

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E3-DCN: Energy Efficient, and Enhanced-type Data Centric Network development project. This project is promoted by Keio University and Hitachi Ltd. supported by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).

For the future network technology, the Contents Centric Network (CCN) is widely studied. In the CCN, a user requests a content name or identifier to the network and receives requested content from the network. DCN is an extended version of CCN. A user which includes human and machine requests data name or identifier to the network.

Keio University has studied “Ubiquitous Grid Networking Environment (uGrid)”. In the uGrid, a service is constructed by connecting “service parts” in the network. This concept can be applicable to DCN. If the exactly matched requested data is not find in the network, the network constructs the requested data with “service parts” and put the data to the user. The extended-type DCN (E-DCN) is defined as DCN with uGrid feature.

In the E3-DCN project, DCN will be applied to a contents delivery network (CDN). Energy Efficiency in CDN is very important. To realize the energy efficient CDN, data delivery route in the E-DCN and data transmission method of the E-DCN should be optimized to reduce data transmission energy. The E3-DCN project will develop an energy efficient E-DCN and will realize a CDN application on JGN-X.